Eco-friendly Nanocoating For Cars In Dubai: Is It Practical, Safe, And Beneficial?

Eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s truly great car-centric cities. Yet, Dubai’s climate is a torture test for car paint works. Little wonder then that savvy car owners are increasingly relying on eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai to protect their treasured set of wheels.

Here in Dubai, car watchers can spy a never-ending parade of supercars, exotic marques, hot hatches, and muscle cars from leading British, European, American, and Japanese manufacturers all touring Dubai’s network of world-class roads.


Love Your Car

So, Dubai is a place where you can find the latest, greatest, most expensive, and seriously cool looking cars on the market. Yet, those very same cars are buffeted by the UAE’s harsh weather conditions.

Blisteringly high levels of ultraviolet light, scorching heat, and high humidity are enough to make any car’s paintwork wilt. Then, there’s the frequent scouring from sand and dust storms. Additionally, damaged paint jobs caused by accumulated road grit and grime, acid rain, and corrosive bird droppings.


Is Eco-friendly Nanocoating For Cars In Dubai Practical?

Needless to say, car owners are looking for ways to protect and maintain their car’s original pristine appearance. This has been a major challenge until recently. Enter nanotechnology’s scientific wizards. They discovered a solution for your car protection woes through their ground-breaking eco-friendly nanocoating for cars.

These daily annoyances for car owners in Dubai can happen to anyone. Leaving the office to discover your freshly washed and waxed car covered in fine sand is frustrating and annoying to clean. Worst of all, costly to repair if your car’s paint job becomes discoloured or scoured by the sand.

There is a range of nanoscale material coatings developed and launched on the market in Dubai, which is perfect for the UAE’s tough climate conditions. They levered the physical, chemical, and nanoscale properties to protect your car’s paintwork and your glass, be it your windshield or your rear window.

The performance of these new nanomaterials has been rapidly refined in recent years.  They are proving to be remarkably effective in Dubai, thanks to their extraordinary properties.


How Does Eco-friendly Nanocoating For Cars In Dubai Work?

The particles of this latest generation of nanocoating formulas are one-billionth the size of a human hair. The nanocoating coats the nano-sized hills and valleys of the microscopic surface of your car’s paintwork and glass.  This then bonds with the material forming a super-thin layer of hydrophobic protection. This protection rates at a seven on the Mohs scale, which is a measure of hardness and approaches the hardness of quartz.

Most nanocoating formulas employ both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to protect your car. Firstly, its “superhydrophobic” property means road grit and grime, sand, and even bird droppings have trouble adhering to your paintwork.

When you go to wash your car, the hydrophilic property of the nanocoating causes water to bead on the surface of your car’s paintwork.  Consequently, this attracts the minute particles of dust and grime sitting on the paintwork’s surface. Then, the hydrophobic property of the nanocoating repels the combined water and dirt carrying the accumulated grime particles easily away from the car’s painted surface, making it effectively self-cleaning.  In addition to this is the nanocoating’s superior scratch and abrasion resistance.  This leaves your paintwork with an ultra-high gloss sheen, unaffected by either harsh ultraviolet light or dust and dirt.

Say goodbye to continually having to wash and wax your car and enjoy a brilliant gloss finish on your car’s paintwork.

Similarly, your car’s windows can enjoy the same water and dirt repelling protection from the very latest in nano-technology science as your vehicle’s paintwork.


Nanocoating For Chrome

Nanocoatings for chrome protects metal car components such as bumpers, grills, slats, or mirror covers from staining, fingerprints, or being degraded by contaminants. Sealed metal becomes water repellent which can be cleaned just using a damp cloth.


Nanocoating For Car Windows

Humidity in the UAE can be punishingly high. Often, that vapour quickly condenses on the inside surface of your car windows. Trying to clear it often results in unsightly streaks, which reduce visibility at night time, especially when in the glare of oncoming traffic.


Nanocoating For Rim Sealant

A nano-coating protects alloy or chrome rims from adhering to brake dust causing unsightly black or brown marks and stains on the rim surface. By repelling water-borne aqueous and oily contaminants, rims stay clean longer.


Nanocoating For Seats and Convertible Roof

Our nano-sealant for car seats, both leather and textile, effectively protects the seat material from staining, spills, and liquids absorption. Any spills simply roll off the seat without soaking into the material.

Nano-protection acts to seal the material fibres, so dirt cannot seep through inside. Similarly, seats soiled by over-exuberant pets can be easily cleaned with just a damp sponge or cloth.


What Are The Advantages Of Nano Coatings?

Not only do nanocoatings seal the car’s paint lacquer, it also makes the windows effectively self-cleaning. Rather than forming a layer on the substrate like traditional coatings, a nanocoating bonds with the substrate instead, forming strong bonds at a nanoscopic level.

Thanks to this bonding, liquids are unable to penetrate the painted surface, ensuring sand grains; dust, dirt, and grease cannot adhere.


The primary benefits of eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai include:

  • Self-cleaning effect; water beads and runs off, taking dust with it.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable, high gloss sheen.
  • Superior results than traditional coatings.
  • Extremely hydrophobic water beads that roll off the paint and glass surfaces.
  • Protects against harmful environmental conditions including sandstorms, high levels of ultraviolet light, bird droppings, road grit and grime.


Environmentally Safe

Nanotechnology is responsible for the production of a range of environmentally friendly nanocoatings, which are both highly effective and non-toxic to the environment.

Nanocoatings typically are free from silicone, fluorescent, and fluorine wax ingredients.  They are replacing toxic cadmium and chromium coatings that are currently used in protecting car paintwork.


Learn What Nano-Protection Can Do For Your Treasured Car!

If you’re in love with your car, learn what eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai can do for your pleasure machine!

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Final Word

Dubai is one of the world’s seriously mad, car-obsessed cities. Yet Dubai’s climate continues to be a torture test for car paintwork. Little wonder then that local car owners are flocking to eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai to protect their cars from Dubai’s harsh climate. With its combination of self-cleaning and scratch resistant properties, eco-friendly nanocoating for cars in Dubai is paving the way for a new approach to protecting and maintaining cars’ original appearance.  Consult with the DabFlow nanotechnology experts NOW for longer lasting car protection.

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