What Is a Threat Hunting Platform: Part 2

What Is a Threat Hunting Platform: Part 2 – Benefits and Sqrrl

In Part 1 of this blog series we discussed the concept of a threat hunting platform and the capabilities that a THP provides to security analysts that are looking to proactively find threats hidden in their data. In part 2 of this series we will take a look at the benefits that a THP can deliver and present Sqrrl as an example of a best-in-class THP.

Key Benefits of a Hunting Platform

What Is a Threat Hunting Platform: Part 1

What Is a Threat Hunting Platform: Part 1 – An Introduction

Hunting and its Obstacles

One of the major security problems facing organizations today is that they are simply not finding hidden threats on their network in time. On average, it will take an organization 205 days before finding a malicious actor burrowed in their systems. 70% of breach notifications companies receive come from third party organizations. To find advanced threats, you need more than traditional automated security solutions; you need to be hunting.

Gravitational Waves Collide with Cybersecurity

Gravitational Waves Collide with Cybersecurity: Using Machine Learning Inspired by Astrophysics

By Ruslan Vaulin, senior data scientist at Sqrrl, member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration

What do searching for signals from merging black holes some billion light years away and searching for cyber adversaries operating on your network have in common? More than you might have guessed…

Cyber Incident Matrix: Service Systems Associates

Cyber Incident Matrix: Service Systems Associates (SSA)

On  13th October, 2015, Service Systems Associates announced that it had discovered a breach of its point-of-sale systems that resulted in the loss of about 60,000 individuals’ credit card information. The data breach occurred in 10 client locations across the United States. SSA only recognized the breach months after its initialization, and did not release a report until almost 4 months after the breach.